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Accessibility Tools

The World Wide Web has a number of tools that can help you navigate our website and find the information you need. For your convenience, we have listed some of them below. 

You Can Make Your Web Browser Read To You 

If you or your loved one has limited vision, your browser has audio capabilities. Below are instructions on how you can enable this setting. 


  1. Tap the "Reader" icon in the browser bar. 
  2. On the tool bar (top of the screen, next to the apple icon), click on "Edit", "Speech" and "Start speaking"


  1. Open your Chrome browser. Click on the apps icon on the left hand side of the page. 
  2. Click "Google Store." Find the "SpeakIt!" app. Click "Add to Chrome". When a dialog box open, click "ok". 
  3. SpeakIt! should now be installed onto your browser and ready to use. 
  4. Open the website you'd like to visit. Highlight the text and click the audio icon in the top right corner of the browser. Chrome will now be reading the text to you.


  1. Open your Firefox browser. On the upper right hand corner, click open menu and click "add ons" (puzzle icon).
  2. In the add-ons manager, search for "Text to Voice" and click "Install." The browser will ask if you would like to restart Firefox. Click "yes" -- you need to do this in order for the add-on to start working.
  3. Open the browser and go to the website you would like to visit. Use your mouse to highlight the text, right click and click "speak it." You can also use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + A" then use your mouse to click "speak it",

Internet Explorer

  1. If you have Windows 10 or newer, you should be able to use a screen-reading app called Windows Narrator,
  2. On the lower right hand corner of the sign in screen, select "Ease of Access" then click "Narrator."
  3. Press the Windows logo key + Enter at the same time to start Narrator. Press these keys again to stop Narrator. Windows logo key is located on the bottom row on many keyboards.
  4. To turn Narrator on, elect the "Start" button, click "Settings," "Ease of Access,"  "Narrator," then move the slider under "Narrator".
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