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Betty Murray is an artist, community activist and retired educator. With the help of CenterLight, she left her nursing home, found a new lease on life and continues to do the things she loves – including making an ongoing impact in her beloved Bronx community.
Betty, and her daughter Elyse, didn’t know what to do after Betty began to suffer with sciatica. After two experiences in a nursing home, Betty needed more care than her daughter could give by herself. Betty was an activist, teacher, and mother to a community of people and felt like she was losing her life. A social worker introduced them to CenterLight Teamcare. With help from a caring team of doctors, nurses, aides, therapists and recreational experts, Betty was able to thrive again. She was able to live at home, attend the center and even stay active in her community!

Taking care of your parents? We’re here to help!

At CenterLight, we understand that you love your parents, and want to do everything for them. But you have a job, a family, and a life of your own. And if your loved one has ongoing health concerns, it can all become overwhelming.

Teamcare offers a fully hands-on team approach to keeping your loved one healthy, active and independent at home and in the community. With Teamcare, there’s no need to stress about the complexity of caring for your parents. We take care of the details so you don’t have to. If your loved one needs nursing home level of care but they want to live at home, there is a way: it’s called Teamcare.



We offer an alternative to placing your family member in a nursing home, so they can remain close to friends and family. By providing all the help you need, including hands-on clinical and social support, we can help give you peace of mind that your loved one is living the life they love.



Teamcare offers complete management and coordination of your loved one’s care, whether in their home or in one of our 11 sites*. For necessary services, we offer unlimited transportation. Doctors are available on site, and nurses are available 24/7.



A team dedicated to your family member’s care stays in close communication with you and coordinates updates. Families can participate in care plan discussions via phone or in person. A Participant Experience Representative serves as liaison between you or your loved one and the Teamcare staff, and makes sure all concerns are addressed and questions are answered as soon as possible.


Teamcare is available at $0 plan cost**. Our program eliminates financial stress for you and your loved one. CenterLight Teamcare provides assistance with Entitlements, so you can maximize your loved one’s benefits.


Teamcare offers family respite care services, as part of the program benefit. This means that your loved one is cared for when you go on vacation or are otherwise unable to care for them.



With Teamcare, your loved one can select their home caregiver. It can even be a family member or close friend - and they can get paid for their service by participating in our CDPAS program. Learn more—>

*CenterLight Teamcare has 11 PACE Centers, where we provide individuals with primary care, including physician and nursing services; social services; restorative therapies, including physical therapy and occupational therapy; personal care and supportive services; nutritional services; nutritional counseling; recreational therapy and meals.

**Available at no cost, depending on Medicare / Medicaid eligibility.


Teamcare is here to help you take care of all of your loved one’s healthcare needs

  • Providing socialization and fun activities
  • Scheduling doctor appointments
  • Transporting loved ones to their appointments
  • Ensuring they take their medications
  • Handling urgent or emergency health situations
  • Preparing nutritious meals and making sure they're eating
  • Providing free, unlimited physical therapy
  • Helping keep their benefits in order


CenterLight offers a host of resources to help you meet the physical, emotional and logistical challenges of your loved one’s health needs. If you would like to start receiving caregiver tips and information, sign up using our form below.

Visit our blog for information on wide-ranging healthcare topics impacting older adults.

Taking Care of Yourself

In the third installment of our "Overcoming Overwhelm" series, we want to take a moment to focus on you, caregiver! Being a caregiver can be overwhelming, and it’s vital to make space for your own health and happiness. Read more-->

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"Teamcare helps me to be independent and strong and I love it." - Nilda, Teamcare Participant

CenterLight Teamcare provides services that help enrich our participants’ lives, while giving you the peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for by our team of professionals.

Bronx native Irene Weinberg felt lost and depressed, and her health began to decline. At CenterLight, she is able to participate in activities that let her express herself. She feels that her health has improved and attributes it to the professionals who care for her everyday.

Frankie Polanco used to fear his father Jose is going to fall. Now, Jose is more alert and Frankie has peace of mind that his father is being taken care of.

Life at Teamcare

Teamcare provides care and services in 14 locations across the New York Metropolitan area. Find out more about programs, events and other happenings at our sites by visiting this page-->

More than 100 Activities at each site per month

Teamcare participants have access to a variety of activities at each of our sites. From art classes, tai chi, trips to different locations and many cultural programs, there is always something for them to enjoy. Learn more-->

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