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Renewing Your Medicaid

This blog post answers common questions about the Medicaid renewal process, such as why you have to renew your Medicaid, what happens if you forget, and how to do it.

Meet Our Participants: Yang Doonam

Meet Yang Doonam, who has been a participant at our Flushing center for 8 years! ! In 1988, Mr. Yang lost his leg in a car accident. Through Teamcare, he now enjoys physical therapy, exercise, and has learned to walk again.

Meet Our Participants: Baychurina Sagadat

Meet Baychurina Sadagat, who first joined CenterLight 9 years ago! Our Stillwell Teamcare center has become a second home for her, where she’s learned how to crochet and has maintained her health with the support of the IDT.

The Interdisciplinary Team

Each day, CenterLight Teamcare delivers highly-personalized care to thousands of participants across the New York metropolitan area through the combined talents, expertise and dedication of our Interdisciplinary Team (IDT). This blog post explains why having the IDT helps our participants stay healthy and at home.

Meet Our Participants: Siu Shui Tong

Meet Siu Shui Tong, who has been a participant at our Stillwell cetner for 12 years! Here, she shares her experience finding Chinese community, pursuing her passions, managing pain from past injuries, and overcoming sadness from the death of her husband.

All-Inclusive Care for Hormonal Health

This post is the first part of a series outlining how the CenterLight Teamcare Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) helps manage and treat a full range of health issues that impact older adults and their families. This highly personalized care helps keep our participants living safely at home and in their communities.

A Guide to Summer Heat Safety

Extreme summer temperatures can be dangerous and potentially life threatening for many individuals, particularly for those at a higher risk for heat related illness such as the elderly.

Caring for Participants Like Family

Teamcare TRS Lillian Andino-Vargas has always loved working with the elderly. When her uncle developed dementia, she helped him enroll in Teamcare and learned more about the importance of seniors aging happily and safely at home and in their community.

Tips for Staying Hydrated

As you age, there are many reasons why you may get dehydrated more quickly, such as medications or medical conditions. Drinking water and staying hydrated is an especially important habit for the elderly to build into their daily routine for staying healthy.

CDPAS, Explained

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CDPAS) is a program that allows anyone from family members, friends, or neighbors to be paid for caregiving. Here, we discuss steps you may have to take to enroll in CDPAS.

Coloring Sparks Creativity

A lot of us remember spending hours as children with coloring books. As we got older, we put our crayons away for other things we considered more important or entertaining. Here, we discuss how Teamcare Cornaga ACS is using coloring as an activity to help spark creativity and relaxation.

Provider Q&A: Dr. Lalit Patel

Based in Brooklyn, Internist Lalit Patel, MD, serves a largely Hispanic and African American patient base. Here, Dr. Patel answers questions about his five-year relationship with CenterLight, as well as the benefits of Teamcare for participants and for its community-based physicians.

Rising to the Challenge of Culturally-Sensitive Care

How does New York’s largest Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) deliver a high-quality healthcare experience? Here, CenterLight President and CEO David Rock explains how culturally-sensitive care – which honors diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, preferences and beliefs – is a crucial component of this innovative care model.

Horticulture Therapy

Gardening is a great activity for people of all ages and has many therapeutic benefits. At CenterLight Teamcare, Regional Day Health Center Director Christine Berkner leads participants in horticulture therapy.

The Benefits of Tea Therapy

Every month, CenterLight Teamcare Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Angelina Holmes leads Tea Therapy with a dedicated group of participants. For May, she chose peach tea because it is fragrant, delicious, and perfect for the warming weather.

Stay Safe From Phishing Scams

Unfortunately, the elderly are especially prone to predatory email phishing and phone scams. Lester Hsu, CenterLight’s IT Information Security Administrator, offers tips on how to detect and avoid these scams, as well as recommendations on how to protect your personal information.

Savor The Moment: Chocolate Meditation

When life is busy, finding a moment to yourself is something to savor. We detail a delicious and simple mindfulness meditation technique that only requires a small piece of chocolate, a quiet and comfortable space, and 5 minutes.

Qualifying for Medicaid with the help of Pooled Income Trusts

Did you know that older and disabled adults can contribute their excess income to a pooled trust, which in turn uses the funds to pay the patient’s bills, as well as allowing them to pay for other living expenses? Jin Kim Smith, Assistant Director of Intake Operations, explains how a pooled trust works.

Tips for Communicating with Loved Ones with Alzheimer's

As reported by the Alzheimer’s Association, someone in the United States is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease every 65 seconds. Here Carol Hartmann, a Regional Day Health Center Manager at CenterLight, offers tips on how to better communicate with loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

Medication Safety

It is very important to take medications in the way that your doctor prescribed. CenterLight’s Directory of Pharmacy Julia Shamis offers some tips and reminders for taking your medication responsibly.