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Meet Our Teamcare Participants: Nilda Lugo

Ms. Nilda has been a Teamcare participant for 10+ years and is enrolled in Teamcare at the time of posting.

A Family Affair

My name is Nilda Lugo. I was born in Puerto Rico. I came here when I was 11 years old. I went to school and I got married here. I have 3 beautiful children and 4 grandchildren. On Sundays, my family comes here. I love to cook for my family—I did it for such a long time and besides, if I get company here, you’re not leaving without eating!

Nilda and family enjoying a meal

I found out about the center, Teamcare, 16 years ago when my mother needed help and joined. Then when I started to have trouble with diabetes and other problems, I decided to join as well. My mom went to the center for almost 16 years. When I started at the center, the doctor told me that she wanted me to get some therapy. I was getting arthritis in my hand. They were almost going to operate. Thank God, so far, I can do everything with them. I think they do a great job. 

Nilda painting

Right after I eat my breakfast I go to see my people. I’ve got to say good morning to them. I say hello and give my love to everyone. We’re getting a lot of new people. I welcome them. 

Nilda arriving in the morning

I really like the treadmill and I love the bicycle. I didn’t even know how to ride one. Using these made me feel stronger and I have lost about 55 pounds. We go on trips. We go to eat out in restaurants. We go to museums and even to the theater. A nurse comes to visit me every week to check my blood pressure and that I am taking my medication.

Nilda and her doctor

My doctors and therapists and nurses listen to me. Each one of them are different and they all make you feel good. They have taught me not to be afraid. Teamcare helps me to be independent and strong and I love it!

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