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Meet our Teamcare Participants: Irene Weinberg

Ms. Irene has been a Teamcare participant for 2 years and is enrolled in Teamcare at the time of posting.

A Bronx Tale

My name is Irene Weinberg. I’m a native New Yorker—I grew up in the Bronx. I had a great childhood and had a lot of friends. We used to sit on the stoops, kind of like A Bronx Tale. I went into the financial world and I worked for almost 50 years. After being outsourced, I was really lost for a while. Very depressed. My health began to quickly decline and I didn’t know what to do. I kind of felt that I was just getting older watching the world go by. Where were the golden years?

irene at Teamcare

I did some investigating on my own and I found CenterLight. I started one day as a trial and I haven’t left since. I enjoy it tremendously. When I arrive in the morning, I’m greeted by very friendly, smiling faces. I just come to life as soon as I walk through the door. My favorite activity is drawing. It relaxes me. It lets me express…me!

irene doing crafts

I also come to the open gym. I discuss with Kim, my Occupational Therapist, and she guides me. Leg exercises, arm exercises—I feel that my body really has shown improvement.

irene doing physical therapy

I have a health attendant that comes to my home. We shop, we take walks outside. She also assists me with housecleaning and laundry. She’s a great aide. It’s helped tremendously. 

Irene with her home health aide

Because of Teamcare, my mental health really has improved dramatically. As we mature, there are some things we have to face in life, and Teamcare has really helped me face them gracefully!

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