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5 Key Strategies For Controlling Your Diabetes

It’s never a bad time to check your risk (or a loved one’s risk) for developing type 2 diabetes.

According to the American Diabetes Association, 25% of adults over age 60 have diabetes, making seniors the prevalent age group afflicted by the disease. If you do have diabetes, it is important to work with your medical team to manage the condition, to avoid potentially serious complications. The following guide is purely educational and we recommend that you consult with your doctor regarding specific diabetes-related concerns.

Infographic on how to control your diabetes

CenterLight Teamcare is committed to providing accurate health-related information to help individuals live well, stay healthy and make well-informed healthcare decisions. Information in this material is strictly educational. We recommend that users consult with their doctor regarding their care. For information about our program, please call: 1-877-212-8877 (TTY 711), 8AM - 8PM, Monday - Friday. Representatives or message service also available on weekends.


Follow Your Food Plan

Consult with your nutritionist to develop a food plan that meets your unique nutritional needs. There isn’t a universal path to healthy eating, and they can help find a path that works for you. A nutritionist can teach you about portioning your food categories, as well as how certain foods affect your diabetes.


Exercise and Increase Physical Activity

Work with a trainer, or a physical or occupational therapist to find the right level of movement for your body. They can help you safely incorporate physical activity into your everyday life.


Monitor Blood Sugar Level

Follow your doctor’s instructions on tracking your blood sugar and alert someone if your blood sugar level is out of the ordinary.


Take Your Prescribed Medications

If you are prescribed medication to manage your diabetes or other conditions, always take it as directed by your doctor.


Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Your doctor knows your health history and can work with you to adapt your care as you age. They can also help connect you to resources and other professionals that work for you.


Check out our participant Nilda’s Story for an example of successful diabetes management through the Teamcare approach to care!


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