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Call us at 1-833-252-2737
8AM-8PM Monday-Friday (TTY 711)
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Provider Q&A: Dr. Lalit Patel

Based in Brooklyn, Internist Lalit Patel, MD, serves a largely Hispanic and African American patient base. Here, Dr. Patel answers questions about his five-year relationship with CenterLight, as well as the benefits of Teamcare for participants and for its community-based physicians.

Rising to the Challenge of Culturally-Sensitive Care

How does New York’s largest Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) deliver a high-quality healthcare experience? Here, CenterLight President and CEO David Rock explains how culturally-sensitive care – which honors diverse ethnicities, backgrounds, preferences and beliefs – is a crucial component of this innovative care model.

Medication Safety

It is very important to take medications in the way that your doctor prescribed. CenterLight’s Directory of Pharmacy Julia Shamis offers some tips and reminders for taking your medication responsibly.

Living to Eat  

"The most important thing about food is that it should be enjoyed!" --Avram Altman, MS, RD, Director of Nutrition Services at CenterLight Health System.

At CenterLight, we believe that it's possible to make meals delicious and culturally appropriate while making all necessary accommodations for dietary and health needs.

Meet our Teamcare Participants: Irene Weinberg

Meet Irene Weinberg, a participant at Teamcare Wallerstein who has lived in the Bronx her whole life! When Irene realized she needed additional support as she grew older, she discovered CenterLight. Since joining 2 years ago, her life began to turn around for the better.

Meet Our Teamcare Participants: Nilda Lugo

Meet Nilda Lugo, a CenterLight Teamcare participant who has been at our Wallerstein site for over 10 years! Nilda's relationship to Teamcare started when her mother was part of the program, years before Nilda joined herself. Here, she shares how Teamcare has allowed her to remain independent and happy as she ages!