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Meet Our Participants: Yang Doonam

Mr. Yang has been a Teamcare participant for 8 years and is enrolled in Teamcare at the time of posting.

My name is Yang Doonam. I am 64 years old. I live in Flushing, Queens. I was born in Korea, I have 2 kids. I worked as a sewing machine engineer to raise my kids.

Mr. Yang smiling

In 1984, I migrated to Paraguay and I continued to work as a sewing machines engineer, but Oct. 1st of 1988, I believe in my memory, I was crossing the street. That country is dark. That day after I finished work, I was on my way home. I was crossing the street and I got hit. I was in so much pain and the doctor had recommended amputating my leg, knee down.

mr yang walking

I came to America in 1997. At first, I can only work sitting down so I worked at a jewelry factory.  After retirement, I found CenterLight through a newspaper ad. When I first met with the physical therapist I had crutches and I couldn’t come outside as much. After meeting Therapist Choi, I have courage and I am living healthier.

Mr. Yang and his physical therapist

My friend invited me to go fishing as a hobby and because of my exercise, I saw an improvement in my arms. Catching fish became easier. When I do catch fish and bring it home, I filet it myself, we sit as a family, I enjoy watching them eat and it has become my hobby. The reason why I exercise like this to protect my health so even with this disability, I am proud of myself.

mr. yang exercising

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I attend 4 days a week.  I chit chat with my friends, I play chess, I read the newspaper, then I go and exercise in the PT room and when I leave, I always bring dinner home.

mr. yang playing chess

For this, I’m so happy.  When I come here, I always feel new. Coming to Teamcare gives me a sense of belonging and that’s extremely important to me. I’m really satisfied here!

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