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8AM-8PM Monday-Friday (TTY 711)
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Participant Stories

Meet Our Teamcare Participants: Betty Murray

Meet Betty Murray, a 74-year old artist and community organizer who has been a member of our Allerton site for over 9 years! Here, she shares her experience growing into "a better Betty" with Teamcare.

Meet our Teamcare Participants: Irene Weinberg

Meet Irene Weinberg, a participant at Teamcare Wallerstein who has lived in the Bronx her whole life! When Irene realized she needed additional support as she grew older, she discovered CenterLight. Since joining 2 years ago, her life began to turn around for the better.

Meet Our Teamcare Participants: Nilda Lugo

Meet Nilda Lugo, a CenterLight Teamcare participant who has been at our Wallerstein site for over 10 years! Nilda's relationship to Teamcare started when her mother was part of the program, years before Nilda joined herself. Here, she shares how Teamcare has allowed her to remain independent and happy as she ages!