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8AM-8PM Monday-Friday (TTY 711)
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Life at Teamcare

CenterLight Teamcare is dedicated to providing our participants with services and programs that help enrich their lives. Our clinicians, therapists and care professionals listen to our participants' needs and work together as one team, under one roof. If you have questions or would like more information, contact Participant Services at 1-833-CL-CARES (1-833-252-2737), Monday-Friday, 8AM to 8PM. TTY users should call 711. For media inquiries, please contact


Recent Happenings

CenterLight Teamcare participants have access to more than 100 activities per month at each of our centers. These include holidays, celebrations, arts and crafts, painting classes, trips, games and many other diverse programs and events.


Our Participants Speak About Teamcare

Learning to Walk Again

After losing his leg in a car accident, Mr. Yang didn’t have ability or confidence to leave his house and be seen in public. With the help of Physical Therapist Choi at CenterLight Teamcare, he gained the confidence he needed to walk again and now inspires his friends at the Flushing Teamcare center.

Overcoming Cancer

When Ms. Baychurina was faced with a number of serious health concerns, the CenterLight Teamcare staff was able to give her the right care at home and raise her spirits. Once she was better, Ms. Baychurina returned to her community. She learned to crotchet ay the Teamcare center and now is able to do some of her favorite activities!


Continuing to make a difference: Betty Murray’s Story

After a workplace accident, educator and community activist Betty Murray no longer felt like herself. A social worker told her about CenterLight Teamcare, and now she's back to making a difference in the community she loves.

A Family Affair: Nilda’s Story

Nilda Lugo learned about Teamcare from her mother, who was a participant for 16 years. After starting to experience health problems herself, she joined the program and says the CenterLight team helps her stay independent and strong. She remains living in her home and is able to do what she loves, like cooking for her children and grandchildren.


A Bronx Tale: irene’s story

Bronx native Irene Weinberg felt lost and depressed, and her health began to decline. At CenterLight, she is able to participate in activities that let her express herself. She feels that her health has improved and attributes it to the professionals who care for her everyday.

Donna is my angel: what teamcare means to maria

Teamcare participant Maria Rodriguez tells us what Teamcare means to her, and how her physical therapist Donna motivates her during her therapy sessions.

Find out if you qualify!

We can also help you sign up for Medicaid. Learn how like our participants, you can once again discover the life you love.

Call us at 1-833-CL-CARES (1-833-252-2737), Monday-Friday, 8AM to 8PM. TTY users should call 711. You may also complete our online contact form, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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Complete Care in one program

The Interdisciplinary Team

Each day, we deliver highly-personalized care to thousands of participants across the New York metropolitan area through the combined talents, expertise and dedication of our Interdisciplinary Team (IDT).


Care as unique as you are.™

Teamcare offers comprehensive healthcare and other services as unique as the participants we serve. Each day, our employees serve a richly diverse population of over 2,000 individuals, speaking 75 languages and dialects throughout our 14 centers.

The Importance of the Interdisciplinary Team

Dr. Shari Mann, Primary Care Physician at CenterLight for more than 17 years, speaks about the importance of having a team of professionals looking after a participant’s well-being.


Falls Prevention Program

This initiative aims to lower our participants’ risk of falls and assist with gaining strength in targeted parts of their body -- with the ultimate goal of helping them live safely and independently at home.

*The TeamCare rehabilitation team utilizes aids to demonstrate exercises, including the following video, used with permission from the owner:

What are Adaptive Devices?

Adaptive devices help provide independence by helping an individual safely go through their Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Teamcare Occupational Therapist Sandy Kaplan gives us an example of how these tools work.


Wisdom of the Ages

We asked Teamcare participants to share what advice and lessons they would like younger generations to know. Check out what they have to say!