Call us at 1-833-CL-CARES | 1-833-252-2737
8AM-8PM Monday-Friday (TTY 711)

Call us at 1-833-252-2737
8AM-8PM Monday-Friday (TTY 711)
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What's New at CenterLight

CenterLight is dedicated to providing our participants with services and programs that help enrich their lives. Here, you will find information on what's new at our sites. If you have questions or would like more information, contact Participant Services at 1-833-CL-CARES (1-833-252-2737), Monday-Friday, 8AM to 8PM. TTY users should call 711. For media inquiries, please contact



CenterLight Health System, a non-profit leader in home and community-based healthcare and services for older adults throughout the New York area, has announced the appointment of David A. Rock as President and CEO. Learn more


Delicious, Nutritious Food Program

TeamCare-PACE is launching a new, "Delicious, Nutritious Food Program" that aims to provide participants at our centers with healthy food that they will love, as well as the encouragement and know-how to bring their new healthy eating habits home. The program includes training for staff on how to prepare attractive meals and snacks with high nutritional value. Here, our staff prepares a fruit platter. We hope that you will find these preparation tips helpful! 



As part of TeamCare-PACE's Delicious, Nutritious Food Program, Chef Rhadia recently gave a demonstration to our 99th Street participants and staff on how to make a vegetable platter with peanut and ginger dressing. Adding a delicious dip helps make vegetables more appetizing and enticing. Here's the recipe for this healthy and tasty snack. We hope you'll give it a try!


Therapy That Moves You

Staying active is a key part of maintaining a high quality of life -- and regular exercise is important to staying healthy, no matter what your age. Here's how CenterLight TeamCare™, a program of CenterLight Healthcare, keeps our participants on the move.


Falls Prevention Program

As part of our ongoing efforts to help our participants live their best lives, CenterLight TeamCare recently introduced a Falls Prevention Program. This initiative aims to lower our participants’ risk of falls and assist with gaining strength in targeted parts of their body -- with the ultimate goal of helping them live safely and independently at home.

*The TeamCare rehabilitation team utilizes aids to demonstrate exercises, including the following video, used with permission from the owner:



CenterLight TeamCare works to help our participants live their best lives. Our goal is to keep them healthy and living at home. This is why our staff makes sure we provide nutritious meals at our centers. We also strive to keep our participants informed about nutrition with educational sessions and cooking demonstrations.


Care as unique as you are.

CenterLight TeamCare™, a program of CenterLight Healthcare, is the nation's largest not-for-profit Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). We offer comprehensive healthcare and other services that enrich the lives of our participants and let them live safely at home and in their communities. Each day, our employees serve a richly diverse population of over 3,000 participants, speaking 75 languages and dialects throughout our 14 facilities.