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Meet Our Participants: Baychurina Sagadat

Ms. Baychurina has been a Teamcare participant for 9 years and is enrolled in Teamcare at the time of posting.

I am Baychurina Sagadat. I’m 85 years old. I came here from Uzbekistan in 2001. My daughter lives here along with my grandkids and son-in-law.

Baychurina Sagadat

I had a problem with my health. I received a pacemaker implant and other operations that were more serious. In 2013 I had a mastectomy. And last year, all I could do is lie in bed. I couldn’t come for a half a year. CenterLight really helped my health. Everyone came to my aid, this really raised my spirits, and I got better. I came back to my community, to my family.

baychurina and TRS

I was taught to crochet and this really helped me. My head as well as my fingers are always working. With my Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Svetlana’s help, I learned to crochet. Now I’m starting to create large items. This vest, I crocheted all by myself!

baychurina with crochet vest

My family is happy and calm because I’m at CenterLight. They are happy that I get to do some of my favorite activities. CenterLight is my second home. I find a common language here with everyone. CenterLight really helped me maintain my health. They are always interested. Their care helped put me back on my feet.

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